• Dental Office Management Consultation Services

    Improving efficiency of dental offices

Consulting for small and medium sized dental offices –
professional, fast, affordable


We investigate difference factors that might be affecting your daily production. Our investigation is not only focused on clinical factors but also focused on marketing, use of technology, human resource management and many other factors.

Practice Analysis

Our team thoroughly analyze your practice and provide feedback to dentists. We utilize different technologies and office automation and management tools to organize your office to better prepare your office for optimal performance.

Collaboration & Support

Our team will collaborate with your team to enhance your office productivity. Our collaboration will be seamless . Your success will be our mail prize. You will be in full charge of the office and you can rely on our team to provide you with resources to achieve your goals.

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1) Initial Office Meeting & Assessment

We perform an initial and thorough assessment of your practice. During an initial visit we observe both clinical and business aspects of your dental practice. In addition, we will perform an in-office meeting with staff & clinical team members to better understand the office dynamics.

Step 1

2) Office Financials & Marketing Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your office finances. In addition to reviewing your daily production, we focus on type of dental procedures, office collection strategy, aging accounts, and proper depositing of your daily collection.

Step 2

3) Feedback & Planning

After we have reviewed your office performance and interviewed your team members we prepare a plan that includes different action steps to improve your office production. We will set an on-site meeting to discuss the plan and start implementing the action plan in the office.

Step 3

4) Monitoring Progress

We will implement a monitoring system at place to regularly check the office performance and fine tune the action plan based on the feedback from patients and your office team members. This regular monitoring assures quick response to the changes in the market and office performance.

Step 4

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